Data Center Features

Data Center Features

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RAXIO is set out to be the leading premium data centre services provider in the region.
The facility is built to offer enterprise-grade services to businesses and government agencies.

Operational sustainability and resilience

Uptime Institute Tier III – concurrently maintainable with no single points of failure

Any item of plant or services can be removed whilst maintaining 100{e9fdde0b222b219f5bfe7fd0edd69119fefa2987288c7533bee70397c5bfc8df} live services to the critical IT load

Capacity at completion for a max. of up to 400 racks

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Power Utilisation Effectiveness ratio (PUE) of 1.29 (excl. offices)

State-of-the-art, ultra efficient cooling technology

45{e9fdde0b222b219f5bfe7fd0edd69119fefa2987288c7533bee70397c5bfc8df} of the year the facility will be in full compressor free cooling mode and 54{e9fdde0b222b219f5bfe7fd0edd69119fefa2987288c7533bee70397c5bfc8df} in partial free cooling mode

Rack Power & Deployment

Average cabinet IT loads range from 4kW to 6kW

High density racks in excess of 21kW can be accommodated  

Racks with lockable front and rear door

Racks can be deployed in private caged areas

Concrete floor with power (bus bar) and data (fibre and copper) overhead

Hot aisle containment

Security & Access Control

Closed circuit television system (CCTV)

Door Alarm System

7–Level Access Control System

Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Gas Suppression (Mechanical) with Control Panel

Remote Interface and Status Unit

VESDA Smoke Detection

Air quality sampling and system offset function

Audible/Visual Alarm

Nozzles & Pressure Relief Vent (PRV)

Certified Room Integrity